Recruitment & Volunteering

We are proud of our reputation, quality and innovative approach.  We recruit people who share our vision, to support communities, where people with learning disabilities and their families can live well and enjoy broad and fulfilling lives.

We recruit people who share our values, people who are conscientious and committed with a genuine interest in the people and families we support.

Our people are skilled communicators and interact in a person centred way, effectively interpreting non verbal cues.

Every role is crucial to the success of the organisation, therefore trust and teamwork are paramount.

The values of our employees are more important than experience, many of our best people had little practical experience before joining us but they possess the qualities and values that fit our ethos.

Come and work for us and you will find a supportive management structure with regular supervision and plenty of opportunities to engage in both mandatory and developmental training, including accredited courses.

Employees of One Trust will be eligible to enroll with our company pension scheme.  One Trust will match staff contributions of 5%.

Employees will be able to make use of our employees assistance scheme, for free advice and support.

Support Workers are appointed on a 4 point incremental salary scale and will usually be considered for progression annually.

Would you like to get involved?

People who work for us must be able to treat people with dignity, respect and compassion.

  • London : 020 3096 9130
  • Mon - Fri : 8:00am - 6:00pm

    From our Staff...

    “I enjoy working for One Trust and am proud of the high standard we set.”

    “There has been great progress in terms of staff communication, the monthly bulletin is a great new tool.”

    “Management are always very approachable and willing to listen to our concerns.”

    “The results of our recent staff survey were overwhelmingly positive with 96% of responders rating One Trust a good employer.”