One Trust Activities

At One Trust we believe that in order for people to thrive, they must have the opportunity to shape and engage in a broad range of activities and interests.

We also acknowledge that doing new things is exciting, so we regularly review our programme in consultation with people using the service.

We take a robust view to risk management, but we also acknowledge that life without some risk would become boring!

We believe that being able to access everyday resources is integral to living a good life.  That is why we assist people to make maximum use of the community, thereby becoming part of their community.

One Trust acknowledges that some important resources are not readily available, that is why we offer people access to our specialist equipment and adapted service sites.

In order to live enjoyable and fulfilling lives, people need to feel well enough to do so.  This is why we provide a range of therapies to promote wellbeing.


The arts have universal appeal, providing a platform from which everyone can express themselves.


One Trust understands the frustration felt by people and their families, struggling to link health…

Physical Activities

At One Trust we understand the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on both health and wellbeing…


Person centred communication underpins how we work effectively with people.  Many who…

Upcoming Events

One Trust engages with partners and showcases the achievements of service users and the team…