One Trust believes that carers deserve to have time to themselves away from their caring responsibilities.

We want parents to be seen in their own right, not solely as someone's carer.

We strive to give our carers peace of mind and offer respite through the exceptional service provision provided to their sons and daughters. We also support carer wellbeing directly through our dedicated carer liaison team, who are carers themselves.

We understand the broad benefit of supporting everyone in the family home to flourish and live fulfilling lives.

We insist on forming a strong bond with families and do whatever we can to assist them.

One Trust can support Carers with

  • Financial assessments
  • Someone to share with
  • Care planning
  • Social events
  • Transitional to residential care/ supported living.

Our carers say...

“You treat me as a person and not a problem.”

“The reassurance you are at the end of the phone is a god send.”

“I really don’t know what I would have done without them, they have helped me so much”

“The CEO having the foresight to employ parent/carer is a brilliant idea they truly understand what life is like for us.”