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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

One Trust remains committed to service delivery.  We are monitoring the current situation very carefully and we are following the latest official Government and Public Health England advice.

From the 05th November 2020, new lockdown measures have come into force.  We advise all our carers, staff and contacts to follow the latest Government advice and rules.  For more information about the new restrictions, please visit, or contact one of our team .

 We remain open, however, we have limited capacity due to social distancing measures. Please contact us if you would like the person you care for to join or return to the service, we will do all we can within the current restrictions to provide support and provision.  We will continue to provide a service to people whose main carer is working, and to people whose carers would not be able to undertake essential daily tasks due to caring responsibilities.  We will also continue to offer services to people who carers are struggling to cope with meeting their needs at home, or where the person cared for is adversely affected by isolation at home.

At all our service sites we are maintaining the highest levels of infection controls and our staff have undertaken infection control training.

We continue to provide daily support to parents who care for a family member, if you are a parent who cares for a family member and you would like support or advice, please contact one of our Carer Liaison team.

We are now running daily online activities, which has proved an important link in terms of contact with peers and acquaintances.  Please contact Luke Ottridge for all technical advice, One trust will also be able to provide hardware if you do not have access to a computer, tablet or WiFi.

Luke Ottridge / Tel: 07535974471 /     

We continue to advise that everyone plans for periods of isolation at home. For the most up to date Government and Public Health England advice, please visit the website link below.

If you or anyone you know does not have internet access, please ask them to contact a member of our Critical Response Team who will do their best to assist with the information they require.

Critical Response Team

Senior Management

Will Olmi / Tel: 07538667901/

Richard Otuorimuo/ Tel: 07538667896/


Gloria Cooper / Tel: 02030969130 /

Karen Little / Tel: 07538667897 /

Admin and Finance

Sophia Hamilton/ Tel: 0203 096 9145/

Jackie Robinson/ Tel: 0203 096 9136/

 Carer Liaison

Kim Rosewell/ Tel: 07957384104/

Chris Albury / Tel: 07539891230 /

Open Door

Shamayane Felisberto/ Tel: 05538667895/

 Sutton Inclusion Centre

Martin Thomas/ Tel: 075388667905/

 St. Boniface and Putney Base

Justina Ofulue/ Tel: 07538667904/

 Church Lane

Erikas Kalinauskas/ Tel:07538667894/

Should the service be suspended, our Critical Response Team will be on call to offer advice and support to service users and their families throughout a period of closure.  Please make every effort to call during normal business hours and direct your query to the most appropriate member of the team.

We will endeavour to do our best to see people safely through the current crisis. Should the service be suspended, our aim will be to resume provision at the first opportunity.

 Covid19 – Community Hub

Richmond and Wandsworth have set up a Community Hub.  The Community Hub is a first response for all residents, but particularly those elderly and/or vulnerable without support networks, who need support to access medical/care services and food supplies. This is to help those most in need stay safe and well while they self-isolate at home.   Please see contact details below.

Telephone Number: 0208 871 6555

Email Address:

At One Trust in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are closely following Public Health England guidelines. We have plans in place to maintain services for our clients/customers, suppliers and stakeholders and to protect the welfare of our employees.

Therefore, you may be interested to know that:

  • We have introduced large-scale remote/home working for a prolonged period of time.
  • We have assessed and implemented measures to mitigate the increased data protection and cybersecurity risks.
  • We are confident in the capacity and resilience of our IT infrastructure to deal with possible increases in cyber-attacks, security incidents and data breaches.

Will Olmi


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