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One Trust started life as a council run service, becoming an independent charity in 2015 – a natural progression for Learning Disability Day Services that places people at the forefront of decision making and governance.

The transition from children’s services to adult services can be a difficult time, all the more so because adult provision has traditionally failed to match the higher resources available to young people. One Trust seeks to bridge the gap in this quality and raise the bar for adult services.

As a charity, our purpose is to invest all our resources to run and improve the services we offer.

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Through individualised care plans and personal budgets, those using the service are supported to take control over their care and daily lives.

We recognise and value the contribution of family carers.  We offer a number of support services to assist in their caring role, and to safeguard their own health and wellbeing.

We provide a comprehensive approach to care.  We work closely with many partners and professionals to deliver therapeutic programmes aimed at improving the quality of life of our service users.

Delivering personalised support through partnership working

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Our 5 sites are well positioned in the heart of local communities and each specialises in supporting people with a wide range of disabilities and needs.

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With an emphasis on fun and maximising potential, we make full use of community resources as well as employing a number of specialist therapists and tutors to bring the entertainment to our sites.

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