We are One Trust

One Trust was founded in 2015 in response to a need for specialist well resourced provision tailored for people with learning disability and profound and complex needs.


At One Trust we believe that in order for people to thrive, they must have the opportunity to shape and engage in a broad range of activities and interests.

The arts have universal appeal, providing a platform from which everyone can express themselves.

One Trust understands the frustration felt by people and their families, struggling to link health…

At One Trust we understand the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on both health and wellbeing…

Person centred communication underpins how we work effectively with people.  Many who…

One Trust engages with partners and showcases the achievements of service users and the team…

Our Spaces

One Trust believes the quality of the environment in which people spend their time is fundamental to wellbeing.

One Trust believes that carers deserve to have time to themselves away from their caring responsibilities.

One Trust sees place based provision as a necessity to ensure people can access resources not readily available in the community.

We believe that with the right support, everybody can live an inclusive and fulfilling life.

In order for people to maximise what they do each day, it is vital that they can travel via arrangements that are reliable, accessible, safe and flexible.

Historically, people with learning disabilities have been left behind in terms of technology use.  One Trust’s aim is to provide support and access to technology, as we believe technology use can enhance peoples’ experiences and independence.

How to join us

We are proud of our reputation, quality and innovative approach. We recruit people who share our vision to support communities, where people with learning disabilities and their families can live well and enjoy broad and fulfilling lives.

Latest news

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Nightingale Walk

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