The Story

Since 2015, One Trust has risen from start up to an established, respected and specialised organisation.

We have solidified our financial position, whilst at the same time making significant investment in order to deliver exceptional provision that keeps on improving.

We consciously focus on developing services for people with profound learning disability and complex needs. We are dedicated to those with more complex needs as these individuals are most likely to experience exclusion or a lack of suitable provision.

At our exciting new space in Wandsworth, called ‘The Light Bulb’, we will be building on our expert provision and facilities, ensuring access to what people need most as well as what enriches lives.

Individuals with complex needs are most likely to experience exclusion or a lack of suitable provision. Our primary focus has therefore been to develop services for those with profound learning disability and complex needs, including individuals on the autistic spectrum and those benefiting from behavioural support.

From the start, we have built a workforce that is local and have fostered a strong connection with the people and families we support, this is our DNA. We are not only interested in people during business hours, we support people when they need it, caring doesn’t stop at 5pm. In 2015, we exclusively worked with Wandsworth residents; we now work with people from a number of London Boroughs.

Our plan over the months and years ahead is to grow our reach through influence, we see this as the most effective means of positively impacting the lives of many more people.

Our Vision

To deliver outstanding and inspiring services and opportunities to people with learning disability and their families. Enabling them to realise their aspirations and enjoy broad and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

Providing outstanding service, opportunity, therapy and respite to individuals with learning disability and their families.

Nurturing a community of open partnership with families and supporters via an inspired, valued, agile and specialised workforce and the embracement of research and development. This results in the ultimate provision of personalised support.

One Trust Values


Integrity, inclusivity and openness – a culture of transparency enables service users and carers to make fully informed decisions.

Accessible support and care, within an environment that is welcoming, appreciative and understanding.


A comprehensive and inclusive approach to care and support services that are impactful in meeting varying and complex needs.

Lead by a dedicated team in a safe community, built on compassion and respect that supports and promotes independence and real influence.


Leading the way in service provision, ensuring that service users and their carers receive personalised support.

Providing innovative therapeutic techniques, state of the art equipment and creatively led development opportunities that deliver meaningful experiences.

One Trust engages their community in interactive technology, removing exclusion and supports people to exploit technical advancements shoulder to shoulder in society.


Providing a network approach, creating an inclusive service that reaches users and their carers across a spectrum of needs and communities.

Promoting equality of opportunity, in accessing services for maximum benefit and developing a workforce and support structure that mirror the community that we serve.