One Trust provides minibus and coach-built transport to the people attending our services.  All vehicles are wheelchair accessible.  We provide morning and afternoon pick up/ drop offs to and from home, and transport people on outings and to activities throughout the day.


Complex Needs Hub

The Hub is serviced by 2 coach-built buses contracted through Wandsworth Borough Council. The drivers and escorts have worked with our service users and their carers for many years, and are trained and equipped to deal with any issues that may arise on board.


Social Bases

Each social base has exclusive use of a minibus which is driven and escorted by members of the staff team. This flexible approach was introduced in response to carer and service user consultation. Staff at the bases maintain daily face to face contact with family carers and residential homes which improves communication. Service users have greater control over the use of the buses during the day. Vehicles are available for ad hoc trips and activities.
For further information on the cost of this service please contact us