Music Therapy

What is Music therapy? Music therapy is one of the Arts Psychotherapies regulated by the HCPC. It provides emotional and psychological support for people who find words an inadequate form of self-expression, and is informed by the same theoretical background as psychotherapy and counselling.

The Team: One Trust has a team of 4 experienced music therapists working in different bases: Maria Radoje (Clinical Lead), is at Church Lane, Pavlina Papadopoulou at the Open Door Centre, Francine Fowler at Sutton Inclusion Centre, and Sjaak Van Der Bent (Music and Multi-sensory Trainer), visits all of the sites giving workshops and training for service users and staff. The team also hosts students on placement throughout the year, which helps them gain the practical skills to become a professional music therapist, and increases the options for service users to access music therapy. All of the music therapists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (unless in training) and the British Association for Music Therapy.  They undertake regular CPD and supervision of their work.

What happens in a session? The sessions are person centred, with the client taking the lead – each base has a range of music therapy instruments, keyboards, and tuned and untuned percussion, which the service user can play. The therapist improvises music which aims to acknowledge their sounds, singing, movements, breathing pattern and mood. This can create an experience of ‘togetherness’ and a sense of being heard and accepted, offering an invaluable spaces for service users to share all their feelings and to explore issues that impact on them with the therapist. Additionally music therapy may impact on sensory needs, social interaction, turn-taking, choice making, and the development of motor skills and co-ordination.

Referral and Assessment: Service users and/or carers are asked to fill in a referral form, and once a place is free a 6 week assessment is offered, after which we will decide together if music therapy is suitable, how long we will work together, and whether a 1:1 to sessions is more suitable or a small group.

Recent sessions with Maria have included work on a One Trust song – to see the finished song click here.

Music Therapy helps with:

  • Finding ways of making and sustaining meaningful contact with others, verbally or non-verbally

  • Trying out different ways of relating to others and becoming more aware of their responses to us

  • Being able to make choices, developing confidence and self-esteem

  • Developing motor, co-ordination and concentration skills

  • Examining and sharing feelings and attitudes that are hard to verbalise

  • Developing innate creativity and musicality, to encourage vocal and verbal expression