Aquatic Therapy (formerly called hydrotherapy) is a specialised form of physiotherapy offering unique advantages of exercising in water.   We work closely with the highly specialist physiotherapists from Wandsworth’s Learning Disability Healthcare Team to support individuals with assessed physiotherapy needs to access the therapy pool at the Sutton Inclusion Centre every Tuesday.  Our qualified physiotherapist Janet, designs unique programmes of support which are delivered with the assistance of our support staff in 10 week rotational slots.

Aquatic therapy is proven to have far-reaching benefits on the physical well-being of individuals with disabilities.  Water eliminates the effect of gravity on the body, therefore pain and stress on muscles and joints can be greatly reduced.  Participants are able to stretch and strengthen arms and legs within their full range of motion.  Wheelchair users are able to spend valuable time in a ‘standing’ position and those with mobility difficulties can use the weight of the water to help correct problems in gait and balance with less effort than on land.  Aquatic exercise also improves circulation and cardiovascular fitness.

An aquatic programme can also help the psychological well-being of a person with a disability by promoting relaxation and relieving tension and stress.  Learning to enjoy the water and to move without/ with limited assistance can enhance self-esteem and self-awareness.


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