Paul’s Rugs.

Meet Paul.  Paul has attended our services for many years and currently joins the Battersea group five days a week.  Paul enjoys a varied timetable of activities at Battersea base, but his favourite pastime by far is rug making.  Paul has made many rugs over the years.  The Battersea staff help Paul to sketch out his chosen design on to the backing material, then he meticulously matches the wool and cuts small lengths for weaving.  A rug can take months to complete depending on the size and availability of free slots in Paul’s busy diary!  Paul has recently displayed a collection of rugs at Platform 1 café in Clapham junction, resulting in the sale of three.  Below are some recent examples of Paul’s beautiful work.

Louise Hayes

Director of Operations


IMG_8567 Rug 21Rug 18  Rug 14 rug 13 Paul H 2  Rug 9  Rug 7 Rug 6 Rug 4 Rug 3 Rug 2  Paul H 4   Rug 1Rug 10Rug 17Paul H 5