Music Therapy at One Trust.

Our music therapists at One Trust are Maria Radoje and Sjaak Vanderbent.  You can find out more about their work on the music therapy page of the website.  Below, Maria tells us more about the service and their objectives for the month ahead:

“This month I’m looking forward to making a new leaflet for our music therapy service at One Trust.  I hope to use a local artist to create a logo or symbol that can embody what music therapy is about – how it includes, communicates, shares, challenges and delights!  It’s not easy to explain what music therapy is about as it is such a unique interaction with each person I work with, and although from the outside it can seem like a lot of fun, the aim is to help participants to express all of their emotions fully.  It’s a bit like trying to learn that person’s own unique language and together build a shared understanding which forms the basis of the therapeutic relationship.  It is the music which facilitates the understanding and the development of communication.  Every person I work with gives me an opportunity to learn something new, and challenges me to really listen to what the person has to say, whether that is through spoken word or gestures, or through listening to how my client changes her breathing pattern to show me what rhythm and pace she wants in our music making.  I’m sure you’ll agree, it is endlessly fascinating working in this way”.

Maria Radoje

Music Therapist


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