Music Therapy Blog

A lot has happened since the last blog in 2016, and we have been very busy indeed!  Last year (2017) we focused on expanding the music therapy service to include Wandsworth base, and we have now employed a 3rd therapist: Pavlina Papadopoulou. We have also been making links with the some of the universities that offer music therapy training including Roehampton, and we now have 2 students on placement with us who are seeing an individual and a small group. Placements are extremely important and give students the opportunity to learn how to work with different client groups, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to have more music therapy provision at Church Lane, and to support student training and development.

One Trust has been focusing on support for carers too, and Maria has been running a small choir since October 2017, with our first performance given at the carer’s Christmas lunch at Wandsworth base, which was very well received– you can see some of the pictures elsewhere on the website.  Since then we have been aiming towards another performance this summer, and will be recording our some of our music this May, which you will be able to listen to on the website.  Another project Maria is involved in includes writing a One Trust song, using the words and thoughts of service users, carers and staff – a project which was initiated by one of the music therapy clients.  Watch this space!

Maria Radoje

Music Therapist

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