Creating a One Trust Song in Music Therapy

Creating a One Trust song in Music Therapy

This is our One Trust Song and it is based on ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley, but we’ve made our own words to it. We spent several months putting this song together. Although Michael is non-verbal, he is a very good communicator, and was able to approach staff and carers for their thoughts about One Trust, acting as a reporter, with notebook and pen, and getting people to write their comments down. I helped put the words into context, and to fit the song. I hope the carer’s choir will learn it and perform it at our summer party. Michael is also hoping to do some DJ-ing and to play Bob Marley’s version at the party, along with some other Bob Marley songs, so people can enjoy dancing!

One Trust Song

Chorus: One Trust, One heart, let’s get together and feel alright

Hear the children cryin’, One Trust, one heart, give thanks and praise to the lord, and I will feel alright

Sayin, let’s get together and feel alright


1. When you go to One Trust, you’re included everyday

We will always make you feel welcome, come and join us, come and stay

 2. When you go to One Trust you see friends everyday

You can hear Bob Marley when Michael is our DJ

 3. When you go to One Trust you make art everyday

You can make films and drawings with Luke and your friends

 4. When you go to music therapy, you can share how you feel, music helps us express ourselves, you can work with Maria, Sjaak and Pavlina

 5. When you care for someone you want to know they’ll have a good day,

to be respected and cared for, makes One Trust a special place

 6.When we work at One Trust we’re passionate about trying to understand – we want to know how you communicate – everyone is really different

 7.When we work at One Trust we like to work as a team, we like the people, we like diversity, we like to help, and be friendly

 (A song by Bob Marley, with support from Michael and Maria)

Maria Radoje, Music Therapist