Art at One Trust

Our team of art tutors provide creative sessions across the One Trust community hubs.  We try to make our sessions fun, vibrant and inclusive – combining large scale group projects with the facilitation and development of individual art practice and expression across disciplines.

We work in as broad a range of mediums as practically possible – this includes: painting, drawing, fabric work, sculpture, photography, video and performance.

Our groups make regular visits to art exhibitions – taking advantage of our proximity to some of the world’s leading galleries.

We enjoy strong links with other arts organisations, regularly participating in collaborative workshops.

Art offers a means of expression without relying on verbal communication which is especially valuable for participants with more complex needs. Our tutors design individual and group projects aimed at a variety of abilities, and guide support staff to tailor aspects of the project to individual strengths. Above all we believe that art can give the power to transform objects, environments and people – it can be a deeply empowering force for our participants.

View some of the amazing projects we produced in 2015 here »