Michael’s new wheels!

Michael talks to Julia Rocks (Church Lane Manager) about his long awaited new wheels..

“Hi, I’m Michael and I have cerebral palsy so I need a wheelchair to get around.  For many years I have had a very old uncomfortable electric wheelchair that just didn’t have enough power.  To be honest I found it very frustrating because it was basically falling to bits as I had owned it for so long.  My electric chair is so important to me because it means I have the independence and freedom to go where I want without having to rely on someone pushing a manual chair.  I have been waiting for a long time for a new one and finally it has arrived.  I am so pleased with it, it is more comfortable, faster, reliable and safe.  I wanted to remind people that having a good wheelchair for your particular needs is not a luxury but a basic human right.  Being in control is so important to me.  In the summer I would like to take part in a sponsored wheelchair race so that I can help raise funds for other equipment at One Trust.”